You Know School Is Starting When…

It was the end of August

We bought our school supplies

I started waking up earlier

Parents are smiling

I slept extra late

It was almost my birthday

Meet and Greet

You meet Mr. Kipling

You make your lunch

My parents encourage me to organize my supplies

You get excited to learn new information

Our parents fill out many papers

I go to bed earlier

Come back from vacation

Come in earlier from outside

My mom started talking about it

My mom changes my schedule, school work before friends

Pool season has ended

When my mom gets an email

When your class lists come out

When I meet my teacher

School shopping

Back to school signs in the stores

Advertisements for school clothes

You Know It’s the End of the Year When…

Your Mom drags you out of bed and says, “It’s the last day of school.”

You start cleaning out the classroom.

It’s only a half day, a Friday, and it’s June

It starts to rain

We start taking our notebooks home

Mr. Kipling goes home

Third grade visits

We start to know each other for real

My birthday

Summer camps about to start

The teacher gets flowers

When you no longer have to get up to an alarm

The lockers are clean

When you see Wheel Man

Fifth grade award ceremony

Don’t ask, “What do I do next?”

No more Delta planes

You show up to school and no one is there


Our Inside Jokes

Delta planes

You ain’t got no alibi


Dividing subs

Coincidence?  I think not!

Pizza or sub?

It’s snowing!! (no kidding!)

Oh I guess I didn’t read carefully enough

Cosmic Brownies

Subs and oranges… we love fractions!

Liberty Cabbage

Can you lift Olivia with your pinkie?

Twenty bottles of mustard

I caught me a Yank!

Can I have a hamburger?

Ninja in a bush

What if you don’t have a pinkie?  (I love what if questions)

Fight nice children

Stop breathing my air!

You win the fur-lined bathtub


The arctic willow

Kill each other quietly

Staking our claim by putting flags on our desks

Don’t die in math class

Militia Guards

No flying in the bathroom

The flag is as hard as rock

The British are coming

Blame It on the Wolf

It’s falling!

Let it Go

Elsa wigs

Hansel a boy? Gretel a girl? Little Red Riding Hood?



Thoughts from 4A

     Welcome to Fourth Grade


You know that school is about to start when…

Labor Day comes

You see the signs in the stores, “Summer is About to End”

The cars start showing up in front of the school.

Back to School Sales

I go to registration to find out who my teacher is.

The leaves start to fall.

You get the tingling sensation that you are missing something.

You come to school to put your stuff in your desk.

My mom takes me on a huge shopping trip.

I get letters from the school.

Fantasy football draft is about to start.

Your friends start talking about school.

Mom buys my school supplies

It’s Meet and Greet

You get the supply list.

It is September 1st

August is almost over.

Kids start showing up at your fire hydrant.

Mom wakes you up and says, “It’s the first day of school, Honey.”

You don’t get to stay up late.

My dad takes us on a big trip.

Posters go up on the main doors.

It gets darker sooner.